European Care Certificate

Frontline Training are very proud to announce that we have been appointed the National Lead Partners to provide the European Care Certificate here in Ireland. The European Care Certificate was developed as a basic entry certificate in the care sector that has gained recognition and acceptance across Europe. The ECC demonstrates that the holder of the certificate[…] Read More

Dementia care training and the value it can bring to a care setting

The value of good training for every disability can never be underestimated. Dementia is no exception. Carers who have been trained appropriately in dementia awareness develop the knowledge, competence and skills to deal with the spectrum of difficulties that can be associated with this progressive disability. It is estimated that almost every adult social care[…] Read More

World Health Day 2012 – Good health adds life to years

Rethinking conventional definitions of what it means to be ‘old’ News release from the World Health Organisation retrieved 10th April 2012 03 April 2012 | Geneva – On World Health Day (7 April), WHO is calling for urgent action to ensure that, at a time when the world’s population is ageing rapidly, people reach old[…] Read More

‘New laws must cater for those with dementia’

Upcoming legislation should specifically consider the needs of the rapidly growing number of people in Ireland who are living with dementia, the Alzheimer Society of Ireland has urged. The new Mental Capacity Bill will reform the law relating to vulnerable  adults who face capacity issues in making important decisions for  themselves. This new legislation aims[…] Read More

Double dosage ‘can raise risk of falls’

Risk of falling over is increased if they take two or more prescription drugs, according to a study. This risk (of falling due to having taken two or more prescriptions drugs) is not linked to a person’s age, researchers say, with both young and middle-aged people deemed to be at similar risk. According to the[…] Read More

Facts on ageing and the life course

September 2011 The ageing of the world’s population – in developing and developed countries – is an indicator of improving global health. The world’s elderly population – people 60 years of age and older – is 650 million. By 2050, the “greying” population is forecast to reach 2 billion. Along with this positive trend, however,[…] Read More

Water for healthy ageing

Water is well known for its revitalising properties. Yet even though it is essential to health, it frequently gets overlooked as one of the six basic nutrients, along with carbohydrate, fats, vitamins, proteins and minerals. This can result in vulnerable individuals missing out on the support and guidance they need to help maintain a healthy[…] Read More

Dementia: Searching for a cure

Professor John Hardy is one of the world’s leading experts on Alzheimer’s research. While drug treatments are available that can sometimes delay the progress of the symptoms, at present there are no treatments to prevent or cure Alzheimer’s disease. However trials of new therapies have started, based on the latest information on what causes Alzheimer’s[…] Read More