Dementia Training

This Dementia Training course explores key facts about dementia to create an understanding of how cognitive changes that occur can affect the individual. The learner will develop a solid understanding of the types of dementia and approaches to assessment of care. The dementia training course explores creative ways to enhance the wellbeing of the person experiencing dementia and importantly the experience for family members.

This one day dementia training course will give participants an understanding of the person with dementia and offer resources to help carers deal with challenges they may meet when supporting a person who has dementia.

Dementia Awareness Training

Learning outcomes:

Facts and common misconceptions about dementia;

  • Common symptoms
  • Clinical terminology
  • Causes of symptoms

Understand the person with dementia as a unique individual:

  • The importance of knowing background and life history.
  • Abilities people with a dementia retain in spite of the difficulties they face.
  • How dementia impacts on families, friends and community and the support that is needed.
  • Setting up focus groups to support individuals with dementia.

You will learn about the different types of dementia and the key characteristics of each, the different areas of the brain and how dementia affects these areas. Also about the factors that are known to increase or lessen the risk of dementia.

The importance of effective strategies to help people experiencing difficult emotions:

  • Helping a person with dementia understand our message.
  • Helping a person with dementia make themselves understood.
  • Communicating with people experiencing a different reality.
  • The importance of non-verbal communication.

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