Infection Control and Preventing the spread of Covid-19

This comprehensive course incorporates all the most important aspects of Infection Control in a health care setting. It has become even more important now during the COVID-19 epidemic to ensure that all staff are up to date with their certification.

The course is delivered through PowerPoint presentations, video content to support every learning objective, discussion boards and interactive quizzes to test your knowledge. It guarantees to improve staff engagement around Infection Control within the workplace.

Participants will demonstrate the correct Handwashing and Alcohol Handrub Technique and the donning and doffing of PPE through video upload.

This course will incorporate the background to Infection Control including:

  • Basic microbiology
  • Understanding the chain of infection
  • Sources of micro-organisms
  • Routes of transmission

Through a comprehensive range of videos learners will observe and recognise the significance of other key elements of standard infection control precautions including:

  • Safe handling and disposal of waste
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Safe management of laundry
  • Maintenance of a clean environment
  • Decontamination
  • Understanding single use
  • Sharps awareness
  • Staff health and immunisation
  • Food safety


Assessment includes 20 Multiple Choice Questions and Learner upload of video skills. To purchase this course just click here or on the link below.

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