Meditative Support for Caregivers


This online support programme includes Stillness and Mindful Guided Meditations. It is available FREE to all of our course participants on request. It includes Meditations for Sleep Support and other opportunities to still your mind and bring you lasting peace.

At Frontline Training we recognise the additional stresses and burdens that are placed upon caregivers. Our objective is to provide caregivers with an opportunity to take time to slow down and experience some peace.

This Meditative Support programmes does just that, it includes:

    • Supporting you to keep a Mindfulness/Meditative Journal
    • A range of Exercises
    • 4 Guided and Transcendendal Meditations
    • 2 Podcasts to support Wellbeing and Positive Thinking and the importance of Nutrition.
    • 3 Further podcasts to support those who continue to struggle with sleep.
    • An online community where participants can discuss their experiences. This community is moderated.
    • Access to the course remains for 4 weeks.

Meditation helps you to relax and become more emotionally balanced.

As you meditate, your mind becomes clearer and clearer. You feel less burdened by mental chatter, and troubling emotions gradually melt away. Feelings of stress and anxiety are greatly reduced.

The inner calm that meditation provides also leads to a more positive outlook, increased intelligence and enhanced creativity. Meditation helps to eliminate stress and anxiety, and it helps you to sleep more deeply. With consistent practice, these positive effects compound and become permanently established.