Stroke Care – practical approaches

Carers invariably find themselves involved in stroke care. This care is all about re-ablement, it is essential that carers fully understand stroke and all of its potential effects. Understanding stroke allows the carer to engage with the person in empowering and supportive ways.

The course will focus on the provision of holistic care. It is an engaging course and you will feel like you are going to classroom every-time you login. Our course includes Lectures, videos and you will have access to lots of downloadable materials and PowerPoints that will act as your guide throughout the course. You will also have access to our discussion board for this particular course.

We aim to improve environments and achieve well-being for the person who has experienced a stroke, we want everyone to understand the need for better stroke care and the need to protect our own health against the potential for stroke.

Understanding signs of stroke, risk factors and prevention and the complex effects of stroke and practical approaches to supporting these difficulties:


Effects of stroke on physical function including:

Skin Integrity

Effects of stroke on mental and social well-being, indicators of change in well-being and strategies to engage and motivate a person with reduced well-being

This course is certified and Accredited by CPD Standards. You can find out more about CPD Standards here. For more information call us on: 057 867259 or email us: to register your interest.

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