Healthcare Training Courses – why we deliver the best?

Training employees will cost time and money. Few companies will hire unqualified employees and in Health care settings it is no longer possible to hire an unqualified person for the job. This means the person who wants to work in healthcare now needs to start off with healthcare training courses. How do they choose the right health care training company?

Sometimes people have negative past training experiences where training was poorly delivered or the topics were randomly chosen with very little planning. Failed training comes at a very high cost!

When we design our health care training courses; principles of engagement at the heart of everything we do. We share our specialist knowledge by reflecting back through the eyes of someone new to the field, there is a need to simplify and build the abilities of potential health care assistants.

When we are teaching we are constantly arriving at the belief things can be done better. It is only through engaging with the Health Care Assistant in classroom that we can become more enabling and engaging teachers. Course design can never be static, it must constantly evolve. Our delivery starts with a problem based approach, we engage our students with real situations and we ask them to evaluate what they see. They link what they see with their experiences in the work place. This approach is followed by a phase of self-directed learning that takes place on our engaging Learner Management System, this flipped approach to learning helps the learner to synchronise their existing knowledge with their new knowledge. This increases their confidence and hence their engagement in the process of learning.

Healthcare Training Courses begin the process of reflection which is a life-long process for Healthcare Assistants. There are some important truths to consider when we choose Healthcare Training courses.

Well trained employees are happy employees; Employees who feel they are achieving every day, feel competent in their tasks, remain satisfied in their work. They perform well, make fewer mistakes and care about their work.

Trained workers have a high production value, if the quality of the work is lower and perceived to be of low value this leads to lower performance.

Trained workers are efficient – less time and less money is spent on the trained worker as they are able to fulfil their responsibilities.

Risks are reduced – well trained workers make fewer mistakes and clients are much happier with the outcome. Efficacy of staff is essential to reduce risks and improve HIQA compliance.

More customers – when a company has a reputation for staff with higher levels of efficacy and competence on the job, customers are gained and not lost!

We have developed the highest quality QQI and now CPD products to support and engage the Healthcare Assistant on their journey.

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