Frontline Training are very proud to announce that we have been appointed the National Lead Partners to provide the European Care Certificate here in Ireland.


The European Care Certificate was developed as a basic entry certificate in the care sector that has gained recognition and acceptance across Europe. The ECC demonstrates that the holder of the certificate has taken a first step to gaining the knowledge needed to work in the social care sector.

The ECC has its own permanent Board, which oversees development and is planning for the progression of the ECC. The Board is constituted as Standing Committee of EASPD (European Association of Service Providers of Persons with Disabilities) and so has a permanent link into the main provider representative body in Brussels. EASPD also provide the registrar function for the ECC Board, holding central records for all those that successfully complete the examination.

The ECC provides employers with evidence that the holder of the certificate has the basic knowledge of care sector work as listed in the Basic European Social Care Learning Outcomes. The ECC is currently operating in 17 countries across the EU.

It covers the knowledge needed for workers starting out in the care sector and can be delivered through work-based training, a single short course or as part of a wider/longer course.

Having the ECC will be useful to you. You could demonstrate understanding of the basic knowledge needed to work in the social care sector. The ECC will establish a comparable base for knowledge of entry level care staff across Europe and provide an accessible and transferable certificate for workers and employers.

Improving the quality of the work of their staff. Employers from countries with no current entry level training systems will know that to get the certificate the holder’s knowledge has been assessed in different areas:

Basic European Social Care Learning Outcomes include:

  • Values of social care
  • Promote life quality for the individuals you support
  • Working with risk
  • Understanding your role as a care worker
  • Safety at work
  • Communicating positively
  • Recognise and respond to abuse and neglect
  • Develop as a care worker

To find out more, follow this link: European Care Certificate or download this brochure:ECC LARGE BOOKLET