Want to become a Social Care Team Leader?

Foundations in Social Care Management is our most recent addition to our suite of online courses that have been developed in response to what we believe is the “missing link” for care workers. Over the years we have met so many people who fall into the role of caring, they have often supported a family member through an illness or end of life journey and they find this a challenging yet rewarding experience that lights the spark for a new career and future.

Professional caring can be very different, whilst it will still be very rewarding it often presents additional challenges and the progression path is not always clear. Many people feel that when they have gained skills and qualifications that they would like recognition and progression within their chosen field but they just don’t know how to get there! Many aspire to the role of Social Care Team Leader.

Sometimes people are chosen to work in a supervisory role because they have some of the attributes to lead a social care team, attributes are as important as qualifications. It is often the case that a team leader has not had a chance to explore the role and how they might improve as a  Social Care Team Leader or go through a reflective process that supports their decision to take on further education.

As a leader, you will have to fulfil many roles: You will serve as a role model for the people who work for you, coordinate their work, resolve their conflicts, promote their growth and development, and motivate them to achieve superior performance.

When transported to the role of a Supervisor/Team Leader it is important for the person to be comfortable taking charge, acting assertively and working as a collaborator. Good leaders focus on results and allow others to make their own judgements.

This course has been built to give an insight and flavour of important aspects of leadership and management in social care. It provides valuable insights into the journey of becoming an effective leader and manager in any work situation. It helps the person understand how they can create and maintain a successful team, change the organisational culture, give and receive feedback for the important role of supervision in social care. Working with and identifying diversity and implementing a positive culture within their organisation. Understanding the psychology of motivation and effective goal setting.

Effective Team Leaders and Supervisors play a key role in their organisation, any person who undertakes a role of supervision in the workplace will benefit from this course. It is important to understand our own leadership styles and our natural attributes so that we have a better understanding of how we might be viewed as role models.

This course is an ideal starting point for progression, it is also a perfect CPD opportunity for existing managers, it is a chance to reflect, a time to explore, to become more effective and grow in your role.

Foundations in Social Care Management

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