Dementia Care

Dementia Care – Practical ways to support a person with Dementia

Growing numbers of carers are involved in dementia care, supporting someone with dementia can be a challenging task. Challenges presented to carers are often misunderstood. Unsuitable environments or negative beliefs can mean that many people suffering with dementia have avoidable negative experiences. This course is all about changing your thinking, exploring the personhood and humanity of the person with dementia and seeking ways to improve your ability to care for people with dementia.

Dementia Care – this course includes a series of lectures, videos and reflective opportunities.

The course will focus on the provision of holistic care right across the trajectory of this disease. It is an engaging course and you will feel like you are going to classroom every-time you login. You will have access to lots of downloadable materials and PowerPoints that will act as your guide throughout the course.

We aim to improve environments and achieve well-being for the person with dementia, our goal is to understand the social psychology surrounding the person with dementia.

  • Informed about dementia care – An Introduction
  • What is dementia
  • Types of dementia
  • Causes of dementia
  • Several case studies on people living with dementia
  • Dementia and Intellectual Disability
  • Social Psychology surrounding the person with Dementia
  • Person Centred Care and Person Centred Planning – incorporating the work of Tom Kitwood
  • Understanding the person with dementia through their Life Story
  • Communication and dementia
  • Assisted Decision Making (Capacity) Act 2015 – what is means to the person with dementia
  • Pain in advanced dementia
  • Dementia at the end of life
  • Course assessment
  • Course certification

This course is certified and is under Accreditation by CPD Standards. You can find out more about CPD Standards here. The course is available from November 1st 2017

Course cost: €75